Running a Tootoomoo™ franchise means being at the forefront of well recognised restaurant industry trends: Tootoomoo™ combines the ever-growing popularity of Asian dishes in the UK with a systemised, technological and marketing-driven operation that has historically delivered solid returns. 

At Tootoomoo™, we see franchising as the main driver of our development strategy and we are now looking to partner with qualified multi-site restaurant operators to take the brand to a large numbers of UK locations matching the profile of its existing sites. 

Imagine being a Tootoomoo™ franchisee: not only you would pride yourself on offering freshly-made, delicious food to your customers, but you will also be engaged with and providing a unique gathering place for your local community. 

To help you achieve success, we are planning on providing outstanding support in areas such as site selection, funding, training, opening assistance and marketing. The ongoing review and development of your franchise is also very important to us, to ensure you maintain your edge in the market and grow your franchise business to fully take advantage of the brand potential in your area.

Contact us at for more information, there will not be any obligation to open a franchise with Tootoomoo™. Once we have your details, we would like to discuss the franchise and see if Tootoomoo™ is right for you and give you all of the information that you need to make your decision.



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