Grand Re-Designs

Grand Re-Designs

There’s colour, style and an unparalleled design

There’s colour, style and an unparalleled design.


We know you had been willing us to refurbish, refresh, renew – so, as you may have noticed, there’s been some changes afoot. We were knee deep in dust, dirt and good humour with Tommy leading the Dubliners to interiors victory earlier this year and our new look is honed and a little bit fabulous.

So yes. It was about time. The shophouse cantina look was, well, old, wrinkly and fatigued. As toddler Tootoomoo we loved the upcycle look – the clatter and noise that was synonymous with our style of pan Asian chaos. Authentic, you might say.

Well here’s the deal – contains excitement – we have grown up. Yes, the toddler and teen Tootoomoo is coming of age. A makeover of stunning and boutique elegance has been carefully orchestrated around your recent dining.

We are cosier, cuddlier and altogether more aesthetically pleasing. There’s colour, style and an unparalleled design thanks to the phenomenal talents of the team, lead to glory by Roisin (the clever clogs behind our fabulous as Whetstone interiors). Is Crouch End as fabulous as Whetstone? Nah, we think it’s better.

Rest easy that we’re still serving the same carefully crafted wok wonders that we’ve become known for, with the same quirky but excellent service in all aspects of your dealings with us.

We’re now well accustomed to the new us and we thing the cosmetic uplift has exhibited our true design potential with the help of the amazing guys at Kingston Lafferty.

Our cunning Little T cocktail bar at the front of the branch is a hangout for cool cats to quaff a cheeky 2 for 1 in happy hour before tucking in to their pan Asian chosen delights. Head over on Tuesday and sample small bites and cocktails for £5 each – everything on our special menu an audacious fiver. That’s gotta be love at first bite (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

So with a carefully crafted Wednesday – Friday Prix Fixe menu to complement that constant of the A la Carte (a few tweaks there too), we think you’re going to enjoy the choosing and chowing.

We’re still basking in our reveal and if you haven’t joined us recently – come on over and tell us what you think. In glorious technicolour, no holds barred, we can take it.

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