CEF and TTM Cartoon Competition – UPDATED The Winner Is…

CEF and TTM Cartoon Competition – UPDATED The Winner Is…


The winning T Shirt Design


 From Mickey Mouse to Meerkats, SpongeBob to Paddington Bear we all love a recognisable cartoon character. And everyone loves Disney.

Tootoomoo and The Crouch End Festival need a cartoon character, an emblem, an iconic mascot that they can both use. Simple, fun and altogether cool.

The inspiration for the restaurant comes from an Indonesian folk tale that tells of the courageous and very smart Tootoomoo, a character who cleverly cooks delicious food to prevent being eating by a giant.

You can have you're design showcased with Tootoomoo and

You can have your design showcased with Tootoomoo and Crouch End Festival

So what does Tootoomoo look like?

Use your imagination and your winning character will appear on Crouch End Festival T-shirts and Tootoomoo staff T-shirts too. Plus it’ll appear on the big digital screen on Sat 11th June 2016. 

And of course the winner gets a slap up meal at TTM for their artistic wizardry.  5 runners up will enjoy 50% off a dine-in extravaganza at Tootoomoo too. 

We are privileged to have the tremendous cartoon talent of Sean Azzopardi the Festival’s official artist, who will be hosting a cartoon drawing workshop at TTM in N8 from from 2nd May 2016 to prep you for that winning entry – we’re thrilled too, that Zoom Rockman is able to do a Skanky Pigeon workshop on Friday 6thMay at 4pm.

If you can hold a pencil, this is for you

Get in touch to join a workshop or if you have any questions: info@tootoomoo.co.uk

The Crouch End Festival 2016

The Crouch End Festival 2016



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