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Volunteering at Rokesly School Garden

Very soon Rokesly Infant and Nursery School will be opening their new wildlife garden. This garden will be a place where all of Rokesly School’s 3-7 year olds can have access, to garden and learn. Tootoomoo volunteered in helping to create the new garden, and donated additional seeds to their project. We’re keen for our customers to get

N8 Tootoomoo Crouch End

Q&A with Philip McGuinness, Founder, Tootoomoo

Philip McGuinness is the founding brains (and stomach) behind Tootoomoo.  This week, we’ve been chatting to him to find out why he opened the restaurant, what’s important to him and how often he eats Tootoomoo food himself!

Mix it up! Healthy food in Kentish Town's got a bite with our delectable mixed sushi

The Tootoomoo Pan Asian Foodies Are Coming!

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