In the mood for Pan Asian goodness?

In the mood for Pan Asian goodness?

Tootoomoo’s deliciously local pan Asian food will hit the spot!

Tootoomoo delivers delicious and healthy takeaway food. Made using the freshest ingredients, our dishes are inspired by the cuisines of Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

Fresh flavours in pan asian healthy food

When life gives you lemon (grass), make lemon (grass chicken). Let us put a smile on your face with feel good food!

We are sure your day was busy enough so let the only journey you take now, be with your taste buds (and, of course, our super speedy drivers bringing Tootoomoo straight to your door)


Our great Matriarch Grandma Pang (via amazing Exec Chef Ricky Pang) taught us that a good meal is made not just by the food, but the happy faces around the table. Don’t forget to check out our range of Gluten Free and Veggie dishes. We cater for all tummies. Just let us know if there is anything else we need to know about your order.

Miso Soup. A healthy pan asian detox

Grab a bowl of our delicious miso soup. Packed full of healthy amino acids and vitamins to keep you full of beans…and its yummy too!

We recommend Grilled Chicken Satay for our succulent Gluten Free take on the classic Chinese dish, or our customer favorite: crispy duck spring rolls…Well, we recommend all of our dishes really but don’t take our word for it. Let our tiger prawns and tofu do the talking!