Things to do in Crouch End

Things to do in Crouch End

Local guide to Crouch End

Crouch End is a stunning North London suburb located in the area of Haringey, just between Harringay, Muswell Hill, Wood Green, Highgate, Archway and Finsbury Park. With its attractive green spaces and wonderful Broadway is home to a massive creative community packed with actors, writers, comedians, and musicians.

Local guide to Crouch End

A beautiful representation of the name Crouch End in an art gallery window incorporating some local landmarks and scenes of life in the area.

A popular story tells that Bob Dylan came to meet his friend Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics to his Crouch End home. He knocked on the wrong door and asked for Dave, by coincidence, the plumber living in that house was also called Dave who was out at the moment. Bob was offered a cup of tea while waiting, when Dave the plumber went back asked if he had any messages but got a better surprise – found Bob Dylan drinking tea in his living room.

Local guide to Crouch End

Plaque commemorating Bob Dylan’ s visit to Crouch End

The lively village-alike area it’s not easy to reach, one of the reasons why is a very local and familiar area. Doesn’t have an Underground station, the closest ones are Highgate and Archway stations, 20 min walk, and the Crouch Hill station is the nearest Overground station, a bit less than 15 min walk. The area has good day and night bus services, the only public transport traveling to the area.

Not that long ago the Salvation Army Hall was transformed into a new cultural venue which hosts a theater, a cinema, workshops, dance and comedy nights. Independent shops and cafes are famous in the area, and there’re plenty of open spaces. Priory Park has been awarded the Green Flag award which recognizes the value of green spaces in the communities. Alexandra Park, with its stunning views, offers a boating lake, a skate park, an Ice rink and Pitch and Put; every Sunday Farmers market takes place near Muswell Hill park entrance where fruits, vegetables, local breed pork, fresh fish and meats, bread and cakes can be found. Very close there are a few more green spaces as Highgate Wood, Queens Wood, Parkland Park natural reserve and Hampstead Heath.

Being home to a community of artists, Crouch End boasts a large number of operas, recalling the landmarks of its landscape, as well as enhancing community involvement. A great example is the Crouch End Dinosaur, from artists Andrew Council and Jonathan Edwards. Locals will spot many familiar buildings and roads, including the Clock Tower, Alexandra Palace, and Hornsey Town Hall.

Local Guide to Crouch End

Rachael Berry

By following the community involvement path, in 2004, Kim Valdez and Helen Lindon founded the Crouch End Open Studios. This festival has the aim to create opportunities for greater participation in the arts and creative industries for the whole community through a range of learning projects, business support, shows, charity, and most important, Fun!  CEOS shows a wide range of work in a variety of media: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, installation, ceramics, sculpture and artists film.

In 2010, some their artists were chosen by ‘Paintings in Hospitals’ to donate work to them and hence to the Hornsey Health Centre. In 2013 and 2014 CEOS welcomed the involvement with a local charity ‘Action for Kids‘; holding a workshop with them and showing their work. Between one work and the other, our local artists shall be hungry, so what better than a relaxing and energizing break at Tootoomoo???

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Local Guide to Crouch End

Broad selection of mouth watering dishes

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