Seven Ways to Reduce Stress

Seven Ways to Reduce Stress

by David Osgathorp owner of the All About You Fitness Studio in Highgate
This time of year can get people down and become quite stressful. We all experience stress in various forms on a daily basis. In fact, we all actually need stress in our lives to function effectively. Certain levels are required in order to get us up in the morning and to allow us to be the best partner, friend and work colleague we can be. Unfortunately for some of us this can easily spiral out of control. Here’s our seven ways to reduce stress and get the most out of life…
Seven ways to reduce stress

Exercise, Meditate & Laugh More!

The simple fact is the demands of modern life will always throw up stressful encounters and there is little we can do about this. What we can do though is to learn how to deal with the tension, anxiety and nervousness that stress causes which will enable us to relax the body, clear the mind and in extreme cases lengthen or even save your life!


The cure to pretty much anything! This doesn’t have to involve going hell for leather for ten rounds on the punch bag, – although this may help some very stressed individuals! Just going for a walk can help you physically and relax you mentally.

2. Get some sleep.

Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Many stressed individuals really struggle to switch off, hate the sound of their alarm clock and walk through the day like a zombie. Create an environment that will allow you to switch off: No television, no mobile phones, keep the room dark and at a comfortable temperature and most importantly invest in a great bed, you spend a third of our life there, look forward to getting in it!

3. Meditate.

The thought of switching off from the outside world and switching in to you is one that scares most people but can actually be an incredibly de-stressing activity. Just find a quiet place to relax and switch off your mind and focus on taking deep breaths for 5-10 minutes, your body will really thank you for it.

4.Listen to music.

Listening to your favourite artist or to a song that takes you to your “happy place” can be an amazing stress reliever.

5. Laugh more.

It’s true, laughter really is the best medicine, particularly when it comes to stress. The therapeutic effects of a good giggle can decrease your stress hormones, increase your “feel good” endorphin levels and allow you to release your frustrations and boost your self-esteem. So dig out that comedy DVD or give your funniest friend a call.

6. Have sex!

There are many benefits to a good sex life with stress relief being right up there. Having fun and really being in the moment with your partner is an incredible way to unwind. Sadly many people actually have less sex when their stress levels are high.

7. Act like a child.

Life was much less complicated when we were kids and sometimes we forget that just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we can’t still act like a kid! Things like having a pillow fight, playing rounder’s in the park or making a snowman in the winter and other child-like behaviours can really help to reduce your stress levels.
If you have kids of your own then really engage in these activities with them for your benefit as well as theirs.
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ARTICLE BY Natasha Tomlin

Natasha Tomlin

Natasha Tomlin