The Tootoomoo Pan Asian Foodies Are Coming!

The Tootoomoo Pan Asian Foodies Are Coming!

Tootoomoo Pan Asian Foodies Are Coming!

Tootoomoo pan Asian foodies are opening Tootoomoo in Crouch End.

We are not sure how you found yourself on this page, but our guess is that you live in Crouch End (or its surrounding areas).  Follow us on twitter @iamtootoomoo or become a fan of our Facebook page

So who is a Foodie? Let’s keep it basic, shall we? A Foodie is someone who has a keen interest in the preparation and consumption of food. From the ingredients, to the way the food is prepared, to how different cultures influence food; the foodie keeps a keen interest on the all that affects food.

Even before we fire up our live kitchen in the N8 area, our passion lies (and will still be after we open) in discussing food, getting involved in the local community (We were at the first Harringay Market Cash Mob event recently), adding value through the creation of good content on the various social networks, giving…………… Ok, enough with all the boring confessions, let’s do what we do best, let’s keep it simple.

The most important part of our journey is that we have fun with fellow food lovers from all across the globe. Tootoomoo is a story and it will reveal itself over time, we will evolve as the days go by and we expect our audience to play a key role in our development. We are quite gourmet, we lean on the healthy side of life and that is something we won’t deny. But, being Tootoomoo pan Asian foodies and engaging with other foodies is what we are most importantly proud of.

This is to a healthy beginning! Let’s get “Fooding”! Is that word even in the dictionary?




Tootoomoo Pan Asian Foodie

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